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Community empowerment is an activity that is determined to grow the quality and standard of living in the community. Researchers evaluate empowerment at the Makassar waste bank with the aim of knowing the implementation of practices, impacts, and success of empowerment through waste banks. The subjects are the founder, the  community/customer  and  the  manager  and  the  object  is  the Todopuli  Makassar Regional Waste  Bank  Office with  the interview method. Based on the evaluation results, there was a decrease in the number of customers at each BSU, namely BSU Mekar Swadaya previously 155, but currently only around 40 customers are active. Then BSU Manggala Bersatu is around 94 and those who are still active are only about 15 people and for BSU Lamber Borong, it is 108 with customers about 20 active customers. The inactivity of the customer is due to the pandemic condition. This is an obstacle faced by the Waste Bank.


Evaluation Empowerment Waste Bank

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