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In addition to equipping the public with knowledge about Covid-19, it is also necessary to be given knowledge about the important key to avoid transmission / transmission of the Covid-19 virus, namely knowledge about health and Hygienic and healthy lifestyle (PHBS) properly and correctly. The program of implementing Clean and Healthy Living Behavior (PHBS) is a form of effort to provide lessons in the form of experiences to each individual, family member, group, and to the general public. Indicators of Clean and Healthy Living Behaviors are washing hands properly, consuming fruits and vegetables, doing physical activity, using clean or flowing water. Mitra Kelurahan VI Suku is located in Jalan Captain Marah Yulius, Lubuk Sikarah Subdistrict, Solok City, West Sumatra. The results of the interview to partners are to obtain information related to the condition of village VI Of Lubuk Sikarah Kota Solok during the covid-19 pandemic, a picture of the behavior and knowledge of the community in the village VI Of Solok City Tribe regarding the prevention of the covid-19 virus. The results showed that there was an increase in partner knowledge after education which was indicated by an increase in pre-test and post-test scores from 51% to 87%. Education to Lurah VI Suku and staff is carried out by online discussion methods about increasing the knowledge of the people of solok city to carry out clean and healthy living behavior by routinely washing hands using soap after activities.


Edukasi PHBS Covid 19

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