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Nutritional status in adolescents must be controlled because the deficiency or excess of one or more essential nutrients can affect general health in the future. Based on observations, several adolescent girls at Megarezky University did not have tools to measure weight and height, as the result, nutritional status monitoring was not carried out. Therefore, community service activities were held in the form of weighing, measuring height and Mid-Upper Arm Circumference (MUAC), and educating related to the health and nutrition of adolescent girls. This activity was carried out for two days at Megarezky University by gathering students to be weighed, measured for height and MUAC, and given education about the health and nutrition of adolescence. The activity was attended by 34 students with age range of 18-20 years. The results of the measurement showed that according to BMI indicators, there were 6 girls (17.65%) with underweight, 22 girls (64.71%) with normal nutritional status, 4 girls (11.76%) with overweight, and 2 girls (5.88%) with obesity. According to MUAC indicator, 7 girls (20.59%) had chronic energy deficiency and 27 girls (79.41%) were normal. The activity was carried out well, this was proven by the enthusiasm of the adolescent girls during the activity


Indeks Massa Tubuh Lingkar Lengan Atas Remaja Putri Status Gizi

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