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The fertile period is the time when a mature egg from the ovary is released and is ready to be fertilized by a sperm cell. The survey results have proven that 16 out of 19 married women currently need notifications to make it easier to find out when they are fertile after menstruating. Most women still do not know when their fertile period. In addition, information about the fertile period and menstrual cycle can be known by calculating and estimating it yourself, so it is likely to give inaccurate results. Many of them also question their fertile period to midwives and even doctors. The recommended application in knowing the fertile period is the "FERTILITY CALCULATOR", which can make it easy for women to know whether their menstrual cycle is smooth or not and provide information quickly and accurately about the fertile period, also equipped with a notification feature (notification). ) to facilitate the notification of information. The use of formulas that have been medically proven among doctors or midwives, and has an attractive appearance. This application is also equipped with Indonesian language


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