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Literacy and numeracy are basic skills that can equip students inprocessing and understanding information, as well as applying numberconcepts and arithmetic
operations skills in everyday life. The low literacy and numeracy abilities of elementary school students in Indonesia so that through the Teaching Campus which is one of the activities under the auspices of the Merdeka Campus program which aims to teach in schools. The purpose of holding the Teaching Campus is first, to present students as part of strengthening literacy and numeracy learning. Second, helping learning especially for elementary schools in 3T areas. The activities of this Teaching Campus include; literacy and numeracy activities, technology adaptation, and school administration. Based on this, the aim of this research is to see the development of literacy and numeracy skills of fifth graders at SD Negeri 155701 Pahieme 2 who have obstacles in the process of improving literacy and numeracy skills. The method used is descriptive qualitative with the researcher acting as an observer. The results of this study indicate that class V is very interested in learning to play while learning by using learning media and
learning methods carried out in groups are more effective so that students'
literacy and numeracy skills increase.


Improving Literacy and Numeracy Teaching Campus

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Windriana Lestari Marpaung, Christina Sitepu, Harlen Simanjuntak, Mahrani, & Masraini Nasition. (2022). Upaya Peningkatan Literasi Numerasi Di SD Negeri 155701 Pahieme 2 Melalui Program Kampus Mengajar Angkatan ke-3. Piramida: Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat, 2(1), 14-20. Retrieved from