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In this program, the students involved have the responsibility to assist the school in the teaching process, assist in technology adaptation, and assist administration. In addition, students have a responsibility to improve student character and increase student interest in learning during this pandemic. The results of this program are as an inculcation of empathy and social sensitivity in students towards the problems of community life around them; hone thinking skills in working together across fields of science and students' various origins in solving problems they face; develop students' insight, character and Soft Skills; encourage and spur national development by fostering community motivation to participate in development; as well as increasing the real role and contribution of universities and students in national development.


kampus mengajar literacy numerasi

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Yohana Br Rumahorbo, Lena Rosdiana Pangaribuan, Rolan Manurung, Rosmilan Pulungan, & Parlindungan Nasution. (2022). Penerapan Utama Proses Pembelajaran Literasi Dan Numerasi Dikelas 1 Dan 2 Sd Negeri 284 Bulusoma Pada Program Kampus Mengajar Angkatan 3. Piramida: Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat, 2(1), 32-36. Retrieved from