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In nutrition, there is still a problem between infectious diseases and malnutrition. Malnutrition can make a person more susceptible to infectious diseases, and conversely Infection can also contribute to malnutrition which causes a vicious cycle. WHO, 2012 states that around 7.6 million deaths annually in children under five and around 20% are malnourished children. Acute respiratory infections are caused by viruses or bacteria. This disease begins with fever accompanied by one or more symptoms. Sore or sore throat, runny nose, dry cough or phlegm. ISPA period is calculated within the last 1 month. ISPA will attack the host if the body's resistance (immunology) decreases. In children 12 months and cough as a symptom of significant respiratory tract infections with changes in body weight. The nutritional status of toddlers is still a challenge for all levels of society, especially health workers. Globally in 2019, around 144 million children under 5 years worldwide suffer from stunting, two-thirds of whom live in WHO Africa and the Southeast Asia region. The percentage of nutritional status in Indonesia, especially in Aceh, is still fluctuating. Even though it has decreased to 17.7%, the percentage of nutritional status of children under five has not reached the expected target of 17%.


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