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The beginning of the Yongmoodo martial arts was on October 15, 1995 where The Martial Research Institute from YONG-IN University Korea formed the Yongmoodo martial arts which is a combination of judo, Taekwondo, Hapkido and Sireum martial arts. The root of Yongmoodo is HON SHIN SULL (Self Defense Techniques). In Indonesia, Yongmoodo martial arts has become a mandatory martial art in the Indonesian Army since 2008 by order of the Kostrad Commander Lt. Gen. George Toisuta to the Staff of the Kostrad Division Brig. The Yongmoodo Indonesia Federation (FYI), this Martial Art began to be socialized to the general public in 2012. The socialization was in the form of roadshows to a number of major cities in Indonesia by demonstrating a number of moves performed by Yongmoodo athletes. The existence of the Yongmoodo Sports at the XVII Porprov Sinjai Bulukumba 2022 which was held at the Sinjai youth building caught the attention of the enthusiastic public watching the match. In order to maximize the Yongmoodo match, a reliable and professional referee is needed to oversee the match. The number of referees licensed for the Yongmoodo South Sulawesi Sport is very low, so it is necessary to conduct a refresher and referee training before the competition is held, so that the number in terms of quantity and quality of referees increases and maximizes in carrying out their duties and responsibilities. The referee becomes the determinant of success in every match that is carried out.


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