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A large population is an asset for a nation in improving the quality of life. However, the rate of population growth is not matched by an increase in other sectors. Based on BPS data, the August 2022 Open Unemployment Rate (TPT) is 5.86 percent. This type of community service begins with showing videos of young entrepreneurs who are successful in running their businesses. Then proceed with the presentation of the material in the form of lectures, and questions and answers (discussion). The location of the Community Service was carried out on the Megarezky University campus with 35 participants. From the results of the dedication it shows that after showing videos, lectures and discussions it shows that student motivation increases. The tips given for starting a business include: being confident, optimistic, daring to try, daring to dream, creative, good at seeing opportunities, not shy, daring to be different, honest and keeping promises. From the series of events carried out, it can be concluded that this activity ran smoothly and student motivation increased as expected


Kiat sukses mulai usaha mahasiswa

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