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The coverage of exclusive breastfeeding in Indonesia in 2018 was 37.3%, of which the province of South Sulawesi was still low at 40% of the national target of 80.0%. The success of breastfeeding is determined by the mother's knowledge of good and correct breastfeeding techniques. Based on research conducted in developing countries shows that babies who are not given breast milk will have a 6-10 times higher risk of dying in the first few months of life. This will have an impact on increasing the Infant Mortality Rate (IMR). The purpose of this community service is to increase knowledge and understanding of pregnant women regarding good and correct breastfeeding techniques. The method used is training where previously pregnant women are given an explanation regarding breastfeeding techniques, then videos are shown and do it independently. To measure the understanding of pregnant women, a pretest and posttest were carried out which then the results were tested using SPSS. Where the value of = 0.000 is obtained, which means that there is an increase in knowledge related to good and correct breastfeeding techniques.


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