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The effect of bullying on children aged 5-12 years has a negative impact on perpetrators and victims such as feelings of insecurity, isolation, low self-esteem, stress and even suicide. The purpose of this service is to prevent bullying in school-age children through education on the level of understanding related to bullying at SD INPRES BALANG-BALANG. The target of this activity is elementary school students in grades IV and VI with a total of 40 participants. The method used is lecture method education equipped with PPT slides and animated videos about bullying, in addition to pre-test and post-test. Based on the results of the activities carried out, there was a significant difference in knowledge before and after education p = 0.001. Education related to bullying is expected to prevent students from doing bullying, so it is hoped that schools can continue to provide education about bullying in a fun way.

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Indah Jayadi, Y., Malappiang, F., & Utiya, K. (2022). PENCEGAHAN BULLYING PADA SISWA SD INPRES BALANG-BALANG. Piramida: Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat, 1(2), 9-18. Retrieved from