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Waste is still a very complex problem. The increasing population is directly proportional to the increasing waste generation. The purpose of this Community Service activity is to empower the community in processing household waste in a sustainable manner so that it is not wasted in the final dump. The method of this activity is through education and direct practice of making compost to PKK women, totaling approximately 25 people. This Community Service activity is carried out at the Tanah Sareal District Office. The result of community service activities is that the community can distinguish between waste that can be made into compost and that which cannot be made into compost. In addition, the enthusiasm of the community in participating in this community service activity was very good with many questions and direct practice of composting. Suggestions that are expected from this activity are that the community can apply household waste processing by making this compost on an ongoing basis and the compost can be reused for plant fertilizer


Sampah Kompos Berkelanjutan

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