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One of the targets in the SDGs is to achieve good health by reducing the Maternal Mortality Rate, where the target to be achieved in 2030 is 70/100,000 live births. To achieve this target, the government has launched several programs, including antenatal care (ANC) at least four times, uterine height measurement, fetal position determination and fetal heart rate calculation. The number of maternal deaths in 2016 in South Sulawesi Province was forty-seven people and specifically for Sinjai Regency as many as four people. This activity aims to determine the condition of the mother and detect early pregnancy complications as a form of contributing to the success of government programs in reducing Maternal Mortality Rate. The methods used are home visits, anamnesis, physical examination, counseling, and evaluation. The results obtained are that the majority of mothers are in the normal category and this activity has a positive impact on pregnant women which can be assessed from the increased knowledge of mothers regarding their needs and how to overcome their problems/complaints assessed from the feedback on the information submitted so that it can be concluded that the midwifery care carried out took place. properly or in accordance with the procedure and has a positive impact that can be assessed from increasing the mother's knowledge regarding her needs and how to overcome her problems/complaints assessed from the feedback on the information submitted. It is hoped that similar activities will continue to be carried out in the form of education and training in complementary therapies during pregnancy in collaboration with the puskesmas and government.


Ibu Hamil Anamnesis Pemeriksaan Fisik Konseling Evaluasi

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