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Pregnancy is a natural process that occurs in the phase of a woman’s life. In this phase, all pregnant women will experience physical and mental changes so that they are required to be healthy and have optimal nutritional intake during pregnancy will affect the nutritional status of pregnant women and greatly affect fetal growth and development. The purpose of the community service activities carried out is to provide information to all pregnant women in Moncongloe Bulu village, Maros Regency about how to make crispy anchovy as a nutritional supplement and its benefits for pregnancy. Counseling was carried out using the discussion method by gathering pregnant women at the Moncongloe Bulu Village Office, Maros Regency to be given education. This counseling activity was carried out on 28 July 2022 to all pregnant women who were present at the village office. The results obtained from this activity were that all pregnant women who were present at the time  of the counseling were very receptive to the education that had been delivered, some even responded by asking questions related to the processing of crispy anchovies and there were those who wanted to practice making the crispy anchovy.


Ikan Teri Crispy Gizi Ibu Hamil

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