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The Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) in Indonesia is still high, and one of the risk factors for maternal mortality is Chronic Energy Deficiency (CED). The problem of Chronic Energy Deficiency in pregnant women needs to be a concern so that there is a reduction in CED problems in pregnant women. This Edupad-based community service activity will focus on three forms of activity, namely 1) Nutrition Education related to the prevention and handling of CED; 2) Food, namely PMT training from local food; and 3) Digital, namely e-iANC training as a solution for recording ANC results digitally. This community service activity was carried out at the Parung Panjang Health Center, Bogor Regency. The targets for this activity were midwives at the Parung Panjang health center. This activity consists of several stages, namely 1) the Preparatory stage; 2) The implementation phase includes nutrition education, training on making PMT based on local cassava food, and training on digital-based ANC result data collection using electronic; 3) Monitoring, evaluation and program sustainability stages. The results of this activity indicated that there was an increase in participants' knowledge after providing education (p<0.05). The participants enthusiastically participated in this activity. In general, all the series of activities that have been carried out have had a positive impact on the participants.


Nutrition education CED e-iANC training PMT

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Harna, H., Rahmawati, Hosizah, Wawan Suswanto, Mertien Sa’pang, Prita Dhyani Swamilaksita, Andi Muh Asrul Irawan, Vennicia Eflin, Siti Fatimah Zahra, Asti Puji Lestari, Claudia Arthasasta Nababan, & Azzahra Femmy Santoso. (2023). PKM Kelompok Bidan dalam mengatasi Kurang Energi Kronis Berbasis Edupad Di Puskesmas Parung Panjang. Piramida: Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat, 2(2), 27-34. Retrieved from