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Some residents, sometimes use herbal plants to treat perceived health complaints, but their utilization has not been optimal because so far the use of traditional medicinal plants has only been based on the opinions of friends or neighbors and hereditary traditions. The use of traditional medicine that is not in accordance with the rules is feared to reduce the efficacy of the medicine itself. If the use is too much, it is feared that it will also have a toxic effect that will be harmful to the community. For this reason, it is necessary to educate the public, so that the utilization of family herbal plants can be optimal, and the degree of public health will increase. The socialization activity was carried out on Wednesday, February 16, 2022 at 09.00 WITA at Tanakaraeng Village, Kec. Manuju, Kab. Gowa. This activity aims to provide information to the public about various plants that have efficacy as herbal plants, how to use herbal plants, especially for midwifery services, which include how to use, process and dose/dose herbs. This educational process uses the lecture method with the help of powerpoints and leaflets. The results obtained from this activity are that the mothers participating in this service activity become more aware and know more about how to use herbal plants in midwifery services. The assessment is based on the response and enthusiasm of the participants in receiving the material provided. Including positive responses from participants in answering questions correctly when given a question by the presenter


Penyuluhan Tanaman Herbal Pelayanan Kebidanan

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