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The postpartum period is an important period for the health of the mother, so extra care is needed for the mother and baby. Inappropriate perceptions and behavior during the puerperium can cause complications and endanger the health and safety of the mother. Postpartum complications often occur in the first week of the puerperium. Fatal complications that generally occur such as bleeding, sepsis, eclampsia, can cause maternal death during the puerperium. The existence of several obstacles in understanding information from conventional media encourages writers to create alternative media to maximize education. It takes a development of health promotion to improve physical and psychological well-being for postpartum mothers to be used to help prevent problems in mothers with postpartum treatment as outlined in Barcode Technology. The purpose of the community service activities carried out is to provide convenience to all postpartum mothers in Moncongloe Lappara Village in obtaining information using barcode technology. This community service activity was carried out direct counseling to postpartum mothers in the village of Monconglie Lappara and was carried out on February 23, 2022 with a total of 18 postpartum mothers. The results obtained from this activity were that all postpartum mothers who were present at the counseling were very receptive to the education that had been delivered and some even immediately scanned the barcode to find out how to use the barcode.


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